English as a Second Language

Title III/English as a Second Language

All students must have a Home Language Survey completed in their permanent record.

Identification Process:

  • If the HLS indicates a language other than English, then testing must be initiated to determine English Proficiency.
  • Students in PK-1 must be administered an oral language proficiency test (OLPT).
  • Students in grades 2-12 must be administered an OLPT. Additionally, students must be administered the reading and language portions of an English achievement test from the State approved list.
  • Test results are evaluated to determine if student is LEP (Limited English Proficient).

Language Proficiency Assessment Committee Responsibilities:

The LPAC (Language Proficiency Assessment Committee) must meet within 4 weeks of the student’s ENROLLMENT and obtain all necessary documentation. The LPAC convenes to discuss the academic progress of the LEP students served through the ESL program.

  • The LPAC reviews all pertinent information on all LEP students and designates:

              o The language proficiency level

              o The academic achievement

              o The initial instructional placement

  •  Program placement is subject to parent approval. Approval/disapproval must be kept in the student’s permanent record folder.
  •  The LPAC classifies the students as LEP.
  •  The LPAC recommends their exit from the ESL program.
  •  Students in PK-1st grade may not be exited from the ESL program
  •  The LPAC may refer to students to the Special Education Program and must collaborate with the ARD committee when LEP students are discussed.
  • The LPAC should monitor LEP students with parent denials.
  • The LPAC should determine if students meet the exit criteria.

The District will provide a summer school program for LEP students whenever there are at least 10 eligible participants.

The ESL program will be evaluated each year to ensure program effectiveness and improve student performance.


Director of Federal/State Programs Melissa Ryan 903-663-8000 [email protected]


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